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Kreditkartenterminal - Mobiles Kartenlesegerät für Kreditkartenzahlung | SumUp

By , angry 1 year ago

SumUp Groupe (Germany, UK, Switzerland)

Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2020 00:38:21,

This Company and many other are rassim to Humans like me as retired from work after a Mental Breakdown.
ThisCompany's lie to everybody what he do positive but me he Cancel Account's and steal ingenuising and cheating.

20 years approx. i have depression but for this Company's i am a good Victims to cheating and steal my really little Pension.

STOP this lier Company's. STOP this Scammers of Peoples and Company's.

He make money with my Money and i have NO Chance to a Complaint, he block anything what he NOT like.

The SumUp Company to pay with Cards by Terminal or payment Link
PaySafe with Daugther Company, Skrill, Netellwer, WKV, PaySafe Card, Yuna Card


Kind regards
Christian (Switzerland)

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